Wherigo\\kit uses Geocaching Live (Groundspeak's geocaching API) to authenticate your user account. To log in to Geocaching Live, click the link below. Compiling and publishing cartridges to wherigo.com, however, cannot be done through Geocaching Live; we must communicate directly with wherigo.com. Therefore, for us to offer these additional (and optional) services, we will need to ask for your password during those times. Please be advised we never store passwords on our server. Alternatively, you can always download a cartridge's GWZ file and publish manually to wherigo.com.

Powered by the Geocaching API. Made possible through the support of Geocaching Premium Memberships, the API program gives third-party developers the opportunity to work with Geocaching HQ on a full suite of integrated products and services for the community. API developer applications are designed to work with the core services of geocaching.com and provide additional features to the geocaching community.

Note: Even though Kit is an authorized API developer, Groundspeak forbids your to mention Kit or the Wherigo Foundation in any of your cache listings, unlike other API developers.

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