Privacy Policy

Information that's tracked or stored

When you log in, the token that lets us contact is saved in case we need to validate your login again. When you save a cartridge, the images and cartridge data is also saved in the database. Also, when you send a cartridge to a Wherigo listing service, the identifier given to the cartridge is saved so the next time you publish that cartridge, it'll be as an update and not a new cartridge. If you delete a cartridge, it's gone for good.

Google Analytics is used on this site to see if anyone is logged in prior to updating the site. Other than that, we don't consult anything else.

What is not tracked

How many people log in, when they log in, cartridges that are started and abandoned without saving, which cartridges are viewed, when something is published or downloaded: these are not tracked. In the case of, which needs a password to publish cartridges, the password is used for that publication request only and is then purged from your session.

What is public

Unless you make your cartridges publicly available, intentionally share them with someone, or ask the site admin for help on one of your cartridges, all information is private and only you can see it.

Third-party data sharing

When you publish a cartridge to a Wherigo listing service, your caching handle and cartridge information are shared.


If you want to get all the information we have about your cartridges (you could just download them) or have other questions, you can contact Ranger Fox.