About Wherigo\\kit

Wherigo\\kit is a web-based builder specializing in enabling the Wherigo community to create simple Wherigo cartridges in a visual manner. We aim to give the community the tools needed to create the most common and popular types of Wherigo cartridges. The community will be able to do this with very little knowledge as to how Wherigo actually functions. Our web-based builder is geared to how people think: get a map and use point-and-click simplicity to create Wherigo cartridges.

Wherigo\\kit is also a proof-of-concept for building cartridges visually. While it is exploratory in nature, its builder is fully functional.

What is "kit"?

This is called Wherigo\\kit because, to let people create cartridges easily and quickly, we offer cartridge "kits". Kits are almost like templates; we set up a builder for you to use based of which kit you select. For instance, the simple Question And Answer kit will produce a linear cartridge: a player visits each zone in sequence, views messages and/or answers questions, then proceed to the next zone. On the other hand, the Lights Out kit will allow you to group zones together so only when a player visits each zone and accomplishes the tasks will the next group appear and so on until the final zone.

Using a kit-based cartridge-building process means we're able to help you create the cartridge you want with little to no mistakes. It's a process we hope the community will come to appreciate and enjoy.

Who is running this?

Wherigo\\kit is brought to you by Ranger Fox, one of the Wherigo community members. Please feel free to email him through his geocaching.com or wherigo.com profile--or visit Groundspeak's Wherigo forum--if you have questions or suggestions.

At the moment, Wherigo\\kit is not feature complete, we are discouraging general knowledge of this project. When we it is ready, we will announce it in the Wherigo forum, hopefully in the most understated of ways. Why? Because it's fun.